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Digi Remote Manager Standard - 1 Year of Device Management for configuration, firmware updates & security
ESP Price: $31.90
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Product Code: DIGI-RM-STD-1YR

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Digi Remote Manager Standard - 1 Year of Device Management for configuration, firmware updates & security

Digi Remote Manager is the technology platform that brings networks to the next level, allowing networks — and the people who manage them — to work smarter. It transforms a multitude of dispersed IoT devices into a dynamic, intelligent network.

Now you can easily deploy, monitor and manage hundreds or even thousands of mission-critical devices from a single point of command. Edit configurations, update firmware, schedule and automate tasks — all from your desktop, tablet or phone.

And rest easy, as the Configuration Manager feature monitors your network 24/7 and remediates out-of-compliance configurations, keeping your devices secure from tampering.
FeatureDescriptionDigi RM BasicDigi RM Enterprise
View and Group Device InventoryAdd devices to a group to logically organize and manage them.
Update Individual Device SettingsConfigure an individual device by using the built-in configuration interface or loading configuration files.
Update Device Settings in BulkMulti-select devices in the list and load configuration files onto them. This is a basic configuration method, not as powerful as scheduled operations or Configuration Manager.
Custom Configuration and Installation SupportAutomatically load a configuration and firmware onto a device when it first connects to Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM).
Configuration ManagerA very powerful feature that can create a snapshot of a unit’s configuration, firmware and file system contents, then propagate it to other units for the purpose of rolling out a configuration or firmware change and managing security compliance.
Update Individual Device FirmwareClick on a device in a list and upgrade the firmware.
Update Device Firmware in BulkMulti-select devices in the list and load firmware onto them.
Device Health MetricsDevices can push their “health metrics” to Digi RM which can then be used to trigger alarms and show status on a global dashboard, and can be viewed in detail on a device’s dashboard to aid troubleshooting.
AlarmsConfigure alarms to trigger based on health metrics, connection status, data usage, configuration status and other factors.
MappingSee the location of your devices in real time in the Devices page in Digi RM.
File System AccessUse the File Management page in Digi RM to access and load files onto your devices.
SMS Remote Commands/Out-of-band ManagementSupports sending and receiving SMS messages between Digi RM and a Digi RM-registered device.
Automatically Manage Device Security ComplianceUse the Configuration Manager feature to ensure that the configuration, firmware and files loaded onto a device remain compliant with the “gold standard.” Configuration Manager can be configured to create an alarm and/or correct noncompliance if a device is found not to be compliant. This important security feature prevents outside tampering.
SM/UDPThe SM/UDP (Short Message/User Datagram Protocol) feature allows devices to leverage the very small data footprint of Digi RM SM protocol over UDP.
Carrier IntegrationUtilize information from cellular carriers to facilitate SIM provisioning, SIM activation/deactivation, data usage reporting and alerting (from carrier rather than device perspective).
On-Demand ReportsCreate PDF reports containing health metrics and other data.
Scheduled OperationsA very powerful mechanism to schedule complex tasks to be carried out on devices or groups of devices — immediately, at a specific time and date, or on a recurring basis.
SubaccountsCreate subaccounts that can be managed from the parent account. Subaccounts allow the parent account owner to restrict which device sub-accounts users can access.
Web Service ApisLink programmatically to Digi RM using RESTful web service APIs. This facilitates the ability to send data from Digi RM (or devices connected to Digi RM) to third-party systems such as AWS or Azure, and connect Digi RM to a customer’s own CRM or management platforms.
Data StreamsAllows you to store time-series data in Digi RM that can be retrieved later by an external application using web services.

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