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Console Servers
Secure access and management for servers and network devices

Digi Passport and Digi CM provide secure and intelligent console access to critical data center assets and infrastructure such as routers, servers, switches, power controllers and storage. Integrated third-party power management makes it easy to reboot and recover assets remotely. Detailed logging and fine-grained access controls enable integration into existing network management systems.
  • Digi CM Series Console Servers

    The Digi CM provides secure access to any network device, even when the network is down. Users can manage their devices from anywhere using the corporate TCP/IP network, over the Internet, or through dial-up modem connections.
  • Digi PassPort Series Console Servers

    Digi Passport provides secure remote access for computer systems and network equipment. It supports serial console connections, service processor connections to the leading server vendors, as well as SMASH extensions to network-based access protocols.