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Switched USB Expansion Hubs
4 and 8 port Rapidport USB Modem Modules.

The Rapidport/4 four-port USB modem module is a flexible USB based remote access solution for Windows platforms. This external, user-installable solution plugs into an existing USB port of a PC, thin client or server, providing four 56K V.92 modems. Rapidport/4 gives network users access to ISP, fax and other dial-up applications supported by Windows operating systems. Rapidport/4 is a scalable solution that includes a built-in USB hub, enabling users to daisy-chain up to five Rapidport/4 units for up to 20 modems from a single USB port on a PC or server. The downstream USB port may be used to connect and power any 500 mA USB peripheral device, including Edgeport® USB-to-serial converters for instant I/O expansion. Feature-rich design, extensive operating system support and reliable performance make Rapidport/4 ideal for mission-critical enterprise applications.