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Enterprise class VPN concentrator enables secure end-to-end connections to remote devices and networks

Digi TransPort VC7400 is an enterprise class VPN concentrator that provides secure end-to-end connectivity for large numbers of remote devices and networks. Fully compatible with all Digi VPN enabled cellular and wired routers, a centralized Digi TransPort VC7400 enables a fully integrated, single vendor solution with the highest level of reliability and security. This device provides advantages in its integration of both the head-end and remote components of the VPN connection. Easy installation and configuration (since both ends of the link use the same architecture) means faster setup and fewer support issues than with a mixed vendor VPN architecture. Digi TransPort VC7400 is ideal for applications including retail, POS, ATMs, lottery, telemetry and electric utilities. Specialized support includes a high-speed protocol switch for XOT and X.25. Digi TransPort VC7400 includes scalability for up to 2,000 simultaneous IPsec and SSL VPN clients (via additional client licenses), plus 1 GB/s Ethernet port, four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch with one DMZ port, and front panel LCD.