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Digi 170011 Accelerated 560069 Accelerated 170003
ESP Price: $9.50
ESP Price: $15.00
ESP Price: $17.00
Digi Accelerated Antenna Extender - (2) 48mm Circle Antenna Magnetic Base (Base Connector: SMA jack; Cable: Low loss CLF; Length: 50cm with SMA Plug) Digi Accelerated Temporary Battery pack for 6300-CX, 9V w/ 6” power lead & 4 PIN Molex connector Digi Accelerated Antenna - (2) LTE Dipole Cellular Antennas for 6300-CX, SMA1-4d (700-960/1575-2700MHz)
Accelerated 170006 Digi 450052 Digi ASB-6310-DX00-RMK
ESP Price: $17.00
ESP Price: $19.00
ESP Price: $30.00
Digi Accelerated Antenna - (2) Cellular Antennas for 6350-SR and 6355-SR Digi Accelerated Power Supply - Universal Switching Power Supply Unit (PSU) for 6300-CX w/ AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz, MPN BI13-150080-I, 15VDC 800mA SMPS Wall mount 4PIN MOLEX CONNECTOR [USA Plug option fitted] Digi Accelerated 6310-DX Remote Mounting Kit w/ (2) cable ties, (2) narrow ceiling rail snaps, (2) wide ceiling rail snaps, (1) POE cable assembly & (1) temporary site survey battery pack